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3PL & Order Fulfillment

At DSN Logistics, we are ready to revolutionize your logistics and order fulfillment solutions with our 3PL services. Our dedicated team ensures seamless logistics management and efficient order processing to help your business thrive. We are ready to handle your orders with precision and care, providing a reliable and streamlined experience. 

Take a look at our services offered below and let's work together to elevate your business to a new heights!

How we operate

Our team is ready to offer your business a successful logistics solution through our 3PL services along with access to an online support team, experienced staff handling your products and consultations with experts to optimise your workflow.  

We offer support to small e-com businesses with cost-effective 3PL rates in hopes to grow together. Our order fulfilment services can ensure the process is as smooth as possible, including same-day shipping and alternative order processing methods. Work with an agent to customise a 3PL process that best fits your businesses needs. 

Our inventory management system provides a comprehensive solution for the storage and distribution of your products within our warehouse. We understand that we must offer a range of features, including inventory tracking and reports, to keep you updated with the handling of your products. 

Our warehouse is located in Western Sydney and we are always looking forward to working with new business owners to share our wisdom in the 3PL, order fulfilment and warehousing world.

A secured fulfilment facility provides our clients a peace of mind as we have integrated top notch security including 24/7 video surveillance, all doors alarmed and sophisticated security monitoring.

Email us today for more information and speak to one of our team members for a customised list of rates including free consultations. 

Our 3PL Services


 Warehousing and Distribution






 Container unpacks

 Inventory management

 Business to business fulfillment (B2B/B2C)

 Amazon fulfillment

 Product labelling 

The Process 

Setup and Integration


Allow our team members to setup your logistics solution within our warehouse and integrate our systems as per your requirements, this may include: 


- Customisable and sustainable product packaging

- Inventory management system

- Alternative shipping methods


And many more options...

Supplier to DSN Logistics

Receiving inventory from your supplier and arranging the customs clearance and transport from the port if required. 

Goods either to be delivered straight out from port/airport or to be stored at DSN then it will be checked in awaiting orders for re-delivery.

Order Received...

Once we receive an order, the products are packed and shipped within the same day.

At DSN we provide customisable solutions, meaning we ensure your orders are packed as per your requirements including the packaging and shipping method of your choice. 

Shipped orders are tracked and customers are notified. 

Order Delivered! 


Our 3PL services allow for happy customers receiving your products as soon as possible with same-day shipping methods and express shipping options to leave good feedback to your company.

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